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Messages From Bethel Grove - July 2017

Messages From Bethel Grove

Our Youth Trip

Excitement is in the air as the youth are continuing to raise money for the mission trip to Loveland, CO to serve special needs kids and adults. We will be picking up scrap metal July 13 and 14 from 4-8pm. We are thankful for the money the church has set aside for the mission trip and what has been given by the outreach committee. We are blessed to have 11 youth participating and 4 adults. I would ask that you begin praying for each one in preparation for the trip. Join us in asking the Lord to use each one of us to make the name of our Lord Jesus Christ glorious as we love those we will be serving, fellow missionaries, and leaders.

Prayer Requests 

  • Pray for sleep to bring rest to our body, soul and spirit. 
  • Pray the Lord of harvest to reap bountifully in the lives of those we serve. 
  • Pray for safety and health before, during and after the mission trip. 
  • Pray for each one of us to encounter Jesus personally
  • Pray for each one of us to receive the Father’s love for ourselves, those with us, our leaders and those we will share His goodness. 
  • Pray for our hearts to draw nearer to the Lord and for each of us to return with renewed passion to serve the Lord. Adult drivers, chaperones and missionaries: Kent and RaDonna Bracy, Tari Hutchens and Veridee Hand Youth missionaries: Drake Hutchens, Jacob Mossman, Tucker Wall, Titia Chesick, Diedra Green, Tyler Bracy, Julle, Mark, and Stephen Ballard, and Abigail and Josiah Hand.

Adult drivers, chaperones and missionaries: 

Kent and RaDonna Bracy, Tari Hutchens and Veridee Hand 

Youth missionaries: 

Drake Hutchens, Jacob Mossman, Tucker Wall, Titia Chesick, Diedra Green, Tyler Bracy, Julle, Mark, and Stephen Ballard, and Abigail and Josiah Hand.


  • July 13th Parent meeting from 8-8:30pm. 
  • July 22nd pool party at the Hutchens 
  • 1-4 pm to give further plans July 29th load at 7:30am followed by photo, prayer, and send off
  • August 5th return from our mission work 
  • August 6th testimony Sunday, meet at the church at 8:30am

Bible Reading Plan July

  • July 1 -  Colossians 4
  • July 2 - 1 Thessalonians 1
  • July 3 - 1 Thessalonians 2
  • July 4 - 1 Thessalonians 3
  • July 5 - 1 Thessalonians 4
  • July 6 - 1 Thessalonians 5
  • July 7 - 2 Thessalonians 1
  • July 8 - 2 Thessalonians 2
  • July 9 - 2 Thessalonians 3
  • July 10 - 1 Timothy 1
  • July 11 - 1 Timothy 2
  • July 12 - 1 Timothy 3
  • July 13 - 1 Timothy 4
  • July 14 - 1 Timothy 5
  • July 15 - 1 Timothy 6
  • July 16 - 2 Timothy 1
  • July 17 - 2 Timothy 2
  • July 18 - 2 Timothy 3
  • July 19 - 2 Timothy 4
  • July 20 - Titus 1
  • July 21 - Titus 2
  • July 22 - Titus 3
  • July 23 - Philemon 1
  • July 24 - Hebrews 1
  • July 25 - Hebrews 2
  • July 26 - Hebrews 3
  • July 27 - Hebrews 4
  • July 28 - Hebrews 5
  • July 29 - Hebrews 6
  • July 30 - Hebrews 7
  • July 31 - Hebrews 8

Kids with God at Gold Rush 2017 camp.

They were digging deeper into God’s Word and found in Psalm 19:10, they are more precious than gold! Cayden White, Lydia Hand and Selah Hand shared about the Bible truth that spoke to them at camp. We are blessed to have kids that are soaking up Jesus!

Cayden learned not to keep things to himself but to share with others from the story of the 4 lepers
who went to surrender to the Syrians. When the 4 lepers went into the camp they found all of the enemy had fled. They ate to their hearts content. After being full they felt compelled to share with the Israelites who were fortified in their city lacking food.

Lydia Hand learned that God deals with sin; however, it is not without giving ample time to repent in the story of Aiken. God told Joshua and the people of Israel to not take anything from Jericho. All the riches of Jericho were to be burned as a sacrifice to God. However, Aiken stole from God when he took from the lute of Jericho. God did not tell Joshua who it was because he was giving Aiken time to repent. The priests were led by God, using two rocks. This process took a long time, which gave Aiken the opportunity to repent but he chose not to repent. God loves us but the same love that extends grace to give us time to repent is the same love that has to bring judgment when we choose to remain in our sin.

Serving Schedule July

Worship Host

  • Tari H. 


  • Bonita 

Visiting Elder: 

  • Bonita 


  • 2 Jim C. & Kent B. 
  • 9 Tim & Bonita 
  • 16 Jim & Judy 
  • 23 Jim C. & Kent B. 
  • 30 Tim & Bonita 


  • 2 TEAM 1 Julie R, Debbie H, Alt.-Drake Audio: Eric Video: Julie 9 TEAM 
  • 2 Tammy, Deb L. Alt. Allison Audio: Jim Video: Ronda 16 TEAM 
  • 3 Craig, Blaine, Alt-Mike Audio: Ronda Video: Sarah 23 TEAM 
  • 4 Tim R, Sherwood, Alt.-Abigail Audio: Eric Video: Tammy 30 TEAM 1 Julie R, Debbie H, Alt.-Drake Audio: Jim Video: Julie 

The building committee and the finance committee met and both had some small changes to make to the project. Finance has looked at our giving and saving on expenses this year. They want to give a new proposal to the congregation on Sunday July 16th. The vote will take place that day followed by a potluck meal. Information about this vote will be given to all on the two previous Sundays. Building group looked over the plans once again and moved a few walls and then the plans will be taken to an architect. Copies will be made for everyone’s viewing at the annual meeting.
Selah Hand learned that little people can do big things through the history (His-story) of David fighting and defeating Goliath with a slingshot and 5 stones. Selah used what she learned to draw courage to go on the zip line.  

We are extremely proud of these kids for being courageous to go to camp for a full week! They gleaned from the Bible lessons and applied them to their own lives! 

Great job Cayden, Lydia and Selah!

WOW GOD! I stand amazed at how much God desires for Bethel Grove to reach the rural community. I wasn’t sure if VBS was going to happen this year, but waited for His direction and to see how He was going to pull it together. We needed to be prepared to reach the pre-school through 1st grade children. Where were we going to put them? Then WOW GOD! “Ask the Hupfeld’s!” They said, “Yes.” Hallelujah! God provided a way when there was no way!

Concern began to rise in me as people began saying they could not be here to volunteer. I prayed and continued praying as Jesus said in Matthew 9:37, “The harvest truly is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.” Shawnda White picked up God’s vision and began seeking how this could be accomplished. She opened her home and yard for Jamie White and the three women to volunteer from Omaha as missionaries to Bethel Grove. I was thankful for Laura Ballard, Stephen Ballard, Kim Mossman, and Lauren Wunn who also gave a week to volunteer as missionaries at our VBS.

Many thanks to so many who gave of their times each day, the youth who joined the mission in making decorations and taking up the positions of crew leaders, skit assistant, and praise leader. WOW GOD! So many stepped in to work with You to reach the children in our rural community! I did not feel alone but saw the move of God in the lives of the children we ministered to and the volunteers.

Would you join me in praying, “Father God, we ask You to bring the 30, 60 and 100-fold harvest for each child, volunteer, and those who supplied for VBS. I ask for none to be lost but all come, accept, and profess Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. We pray for the entire household to know Your amazing love. We pray for each one to know the purpose for which you have created them and for each one to walk in it all the days of their life. In the mighty name of Jesus, Amen!

Thank you for letting me serve you this year!


Bethel Grove Church 

In the spring of 1851 several elders and families who had come to the area from Owen county Indiana, began worshiping in homes. After being here for awhile they called an elder to help organize the first church in Marshall County which was Bethel Grove Church of Christ.


Bethel Grove Church exists for the purpose of Striving as individuals To know Jesus Christ and To then make Him and His love known To those around us.

The Staff: 

Pastor Scott, minister 641-485-7234 Sarah, secretary Veridee, worship leader

In this issue: 

Page 1-Youth Mission Trip
Page 2-Reading plan -Children’s camp
Page 3-United in Service -Financial report -Building Committee
Page 4 -Calendar -Birthday/Anniversary -Treats
Page 5-Children’s camp continued -VBS Round-up


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